Forced prey-predator models with delays

by C. L. Simionescu-Badea

Publisher: Österreichische Studiengesellschaft für Kybernetik in Wien

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StatementC.L. Simionescu-Badea.
SeriesBerichte / Österreichische Studiengesellschaft für Kybernetik = Reports / Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies ;, 36, Berichte (Österreichische Studiengesellschaft für Kybernetik) ;, 36.
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In deterministic models of prey-predator interaction, it is natural to include a time delay in the term giving the dependence of on N1, where are the populations of prey and predator. This yields. The proposed model is motivated by the two prey Forced prey-predator models with delays book predator model given in [39] [40] [41].

Author [40] proposes and studies a two prey one predator system with linear functional response. Hopf bifurcation and steady-state bifurcation for a Leslie-Gower prey-predator model with strong Allee effect in prey. Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - A,39 (2): Cited by: A competition model involving two competing predator species and a single renewable resource prey species is studied under the assumption that the system parameters are periodic in time.

It is shown by means of global bifurcation techniques that a continuum of positive periodic solutions exists as a function of a selected (averaged) parameter and that the stability of these solutions (at least Cited by: The present paper considers a delay-induced predator-prey model with Michaelis-Menten type predator harvesting.

The existence of Forced prey-predator models with delays book nontrivial positive equilibria is discussed, and some sufficient conditions for locally asymptotically stability of one of the positive equilibria are developed.

Meanwhile, the existence of Hopf bifurcation is discussed by choosing time delays as the bifurcation Author: Ming Liu, Dongpo Hu, Fanwei Meng. () Attenuant cycles in periodically forced discrete-time age-structured population models. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications() Uniform persistence for a predator–prey system with by:   Basic single-degree-of-freedom mechanical models of force control are presented to achieve desired contact forces between actuators and objects.

Nonlinear governing equations are constructed for both collocated and non-collocated force sensor configurations. The models take into account large time delays in the feedback loop, which may occur, for example, in case of human or Author: Li Zhang, Gabor Stepan.

The effect of adding time delays to prey-predator models, such as that used in the section above, can be more complex (HastingsNunney a, b, Murdoch et al. ) but we know of no studies involving biologically plausible functions and parameters where reduction in intrinsic prey growth rate causes by: T.K.

Kar and U.K. Pahari [6], Dongmei Xiao et al. [12], and S. Kumar [7] have studied the dynamics in predator-prey models with harvesting and obtained complex dynamic behavior, such as stability of equilibrium points, Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation, Hopf bifurcation, limit cycle, heteroclinic bifurcation, and Cited by: 1.

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